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bargain Harley-Davidson bought at auction

Something from WWII (not a Nintendo Games Console.....)

Wed, May 30th, 2012 12:00:00 am

History Lesson: Harley-Davidson began producing the WLA in small numbers in 1940, as part of a general military expansion. The later entry of the United States into World War II saw significantly increased production, with over 90,000 being produced during the war (along with spare parts the equivalent of many more). Unusually, all the WLAs produced after Pearl Harbor, regardless of the actual year, would be given serial numbers indicating 1942 production. Thus, war-time machines would come to be known as 42WLAs. This may have been in recognition of the use of the continued use of the same specification.

This one went for around 12,000USD at auction, the leather saddle bags are worth 1500USD alone. PS. I was in a store the other day (in Europe) and a shop assistant had no idea what WWII meant and thought that it was a misspelling of Wii of Nintendo fame.